Happy First Gotcha Dayz

This morning me daddy didz says it woz a special day today as it woz me gotcha dayz! I woz a bit puzzled,duz this meen I is gunna gets sumfin…I duz hope its yummy.

Then me daddy didz says it means the day I didz get hadoptid from Daybreaks and didz get me forever home! I then did finks that the year has gone very fast,is it really a hole year. But then I didz fink sum more and yes it really is a hole year todayz since I didz sayz goodbye to aunti Ruth and come to lives wiv me family. Back then I didn’t fink I would have so many holidayz in me very own holidayz home byz the seaside and have adventures wiv me sisfur Ele. I haz been very happy. I has more coats than me daddy(he duz keep tellin me!) and big soft bedz to do me snoozin on. I gets lots of treats from the treet fairy and lots of yummy dinners too.

Here is to the next year of supa yummies and lots of snoozin and holidayz and adventures butz most of all I duz hope me mates waiting in Daybreaks duz find their foreva homes and they duz be luckies to find a luvin family like me.

Paddykins xx

2015-11-22 12.51.50
Me doing me roadshow job
2015-03-19 22.23.15
Doin snoozin wiv Ele 
2014-12-07 19.06.10
Here I am on me first night in me forever home 7th December 2014



5 thoughts on “Happy First Gotcha Dayz

  1. So lovely to read your 1 year post Paddy. You really are a very lucky, happy and clearly very grateful beauty… but then again, your family are very lucky to have such a gorgeous little fella living with them! Biggest of hugs Paddykins, Rosie & Brae xx

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