Evesham Country Park

Todayz we didz go to Evesham Country Park to help me frends in Daybreaks find their foreva homes on our road show . We didz hav a lovely day out doin lots of bottom sniffs wiv all me mates. I duz luv doin road showz coz its greyt to show everyone what luvly pets us greyhound make. Me mommy and daddy duz fink its funny whenz people fink we duz need lotz of walkin and exercizin. Coz we has been supa fast runin affleetz people fink we duz needz to do runnin or lotz of walkin butz we would much rather be snoozin after a short walk twice dailyz. In fact me mommy didz sayz the only time I duz move fast iz when me dinner duz be ready or if the treet fairy iz about.

Here iz sum photoz of our day out luvs Paddy and Ele xx

2015-11-22 12.51.08
Ele snoozin
2015-11-22 13.10.56
Ebony and Tess
2015-11-22 13.00.09
2015-11-22 12.58.38
2015-11-22 12.55.33
2015-11-22 12.54.21
Jed and Lottie wiv their mommy
2015-11-22 12.51.20
Here I am (Paddy) lyin down as itz hard work!

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