Ortum Leefs

When we goez for our walks there iz lots of leefs everywhere we go. They iz funny leefs as they duz makes crunchin sounds when our pawz duz step on them.

2015-11-14 07.51.24
I iz lookin at the leefs on me walk

The other day me daddy didz kick the leefs up in the air,I didz fink he woz lookin for mister hedgehog but he would be sleepin nowz for the winter wrapped hup in leefs to keepz him warm. I didz fink that humans do sum silly fings sumtimez and me daddy iz silly sumtimez. I didz fink it woz fun to do woofin az the leefs woz fyin in the air butz then Ele duz do squeekin and duz be limpin! I woz a bit worrid. We didz stop to seez what woz wrong.

When daddy didz look at Ele’s paw she didz hav an aycorn stuck in the middle and it woz hurtin. daddy didz pull the aycorn out and Ele did then be ok…so ok that she didz do more squeekin,thiz time at a norty squirril who woz hup in the tree wavin his tail at us. I didz fink that I wud like to sayz hello to the squirril and give him a hug…wiv me teefs but he duz do runin awayz.

2015-11-14 07.51.29
Ele lookin for norty squirril

When we didz get back home we didz tell mommy about the leefs and the norty squirril and coz Ele got an aycorn stuck in her paw mommy didz give us hextra hugz and the best bit hextra treets too. We duz like the leefs butz they will soon be gone as its nearly winter.

Byez for now….Paddy and Ele xx


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