Mister Hedgehog

Tonight when we went for our evenin walk we didz see sumfin in the woodz, I’z neva seen before. We woz walkin along and I woz readin the weemails left by uvva dogz wot has bin on their walks before me…hmmm thiz one smells nice here I woz finkin to meself when I didz look hup and in the distance I could seez sumfin movin along on the grass!!

I didz start to get hexcited and Ele duz lookin too at what woz movin. It woz only small but it could do movin quikly! When we didz get closer I could seez it woz small round and it did haves lotz of spikey fings all over.I didz get hexcited and I didz do spinin round. Me daddy didz sayz he woz called a hedgehog and he woz good for the gardin. I didz fink it woz a movin brush! I didz also fink it wud be a good idea to give it a hug!…wiv me teefs but daddy didz say No in the way he duz when he duz mean it so I didz step back and be a good boy!

I did fink I should sayz hello but I didz hav to be careful as the spiky fings wud hurt me noze. I decided it woz bestest to just hav a sniff then sayz “hello mister hedgehog” Ele didz stay back coz I fink she woz a bit scardy of him. We then carried on wiv our walk and sed goodbyes to mister hedgehog.He didz walk off and go lookin for hiz supper in all the leefs.

We didz then go back home and when we didz hav our treets we didz tell mommy all about our hadventure wiv mister hedgehog

He woz nice

Paddy and Ele xx


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