Luvs All round!

When you lose a beloved hound it is very hard to imagine life without your companion. When our first Grey Don crossed rainbow bridge in August 2014 it was a big blow. It can take a long time for the initial pain to subside but we will always remember the happy times we enjoyed with him before illness took him away from us

It took us 3 months before we decided that our other hound Ele would be better if she had a new companion. Although she coped well on her own having probably become an only dog for the first time in her life we occasionally could see her looking round wondering where her friend had gone!

It was time to go to Daybreaks and meet the hounds and see what if anything would come of it. When Ele met Paddy for the first time she loved him straight away. We knew it had to her choice,a grey she could be comfortable with and not be dominant. Paddy was the perfect choice and even better for us she had chosen a black boy…the best! we were happy all round. We think it was all meant to be and if Paddy and Ele could talk I’m sure they would say thank you. I also think Don will be looking down, pleased we were able to adopt another greyhound to keep Ele company.

These photo’s say it all really xx

I think we make a luvly pair! xx
I think we make a luvly pair! xx
Playing in the me Paddy
Playing in the garden…chase me Paddy
With Mommy in Cheddar
Together relaxing in the garden.
Together relaxing in the garden.

2 thoughts on “Luvs All round!

  1. I think you make a luvly pair too! Don will always have a special place in your heart, and I’m sure he is watching over you all and is happy that his sisfur has a new companion to watch over her and play with her, and teach her naughty habits too I expect!! It’s lovely to see that your new family, Paddy & Ele, are happy and giving you both so much pleasure, bless them.

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