4am In Me Holiday Home

Hi there fellow houndies and your humanz. As you probably knowz my mommy and daddy takes Ele and me to a holiday home in Summaset and there we duz hav a greyt time and also we duz hav an hadveture or two.

Well one mornin we was doin our usual snoozins when I didz wake meself hup wiv a loud snore! I woz probably dreemin of wabbits as they is sumtimes runnin around outside and Ele duz getz very hexcited when she seez them. If I duz sees the wabbits I duz fink itz gud to do woofs at them! As it woz still dark I did fink that the wabbits wuld be in their bedz but I suddenly did fink that I didz need a wee! It woz 4am!!

Me doin snoozinz on me own bed.
Me doin snoozinz on me own bed.

I gotz hup from me bed and did shakes meself to wake me hup then I didz look at the door. I knowz that me daddy duz open it to take me out for weez and walkies so i finks what do I do? I decided that I needz to go find me daddy to tell himz to open the door as I’z desprit for weez. I goes down to the room to find me daddy who woz doin snorin but fortunatly me mommy didz hear me and she didz wake me daddy hup!

2015-09-10 08.06.24
Me still snoozin wiv mommy xx

Me daddy didz get hup and openz the door and I did do weez out on the grass..pheeew thatz woz close me daddy didz says. He didz give me a big hugz for bein a good boyz and then I fort to meself thiz iz me chance….I didz fink that I wuld luvz to snooze wiv me mommy and daddy so whenz me daddy woz shuttin the door and fussin Ele who had just carried on snoozin I didz sees me chance he he.

I didz hear me daddy mutterin “where has he gone?” By thiz time I woz happily snuggled hup wiv mommy it woz cozy! Me daddy didz come into the bedroom to see me happily curled hup he didz do laffin and sed nice one Padster! I didz get to stay there and I woz happy snuggled hup all nite.

He he…I  winz!

Paddy xx


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