And Me Bed Came Too!

Hi everybody. As you knows I duz luvs me home and me luvly sisfur Ele and of corse me mommy and daddy. Well the other dayz a funny fing happened to me. I woz lyin in bed doin me snoozins and dreamin of chasin wabbits when I did hear me mommy movin about. I did fink that she might be comin to give me a treet so I dids getz up to hinvestigate. I knowz I can usually getz hup wiv out any trubble but todayz woz different.

When I didz getz hup me bed did getz hup too! I didz fink thiz was a bit funny as me bed duznt usually want to come wiv me when I duz get hup. I didz try to move along to getz to the treet cubord so thatz me mommy didz knowz I wonted a treet coz theyz me favorit. Me silly bed didz want to comz to the treet cubord too?? I didz now fink me bed woz a bit hevvy! and Ele didz look at me’z and woz finkin wotz he hup to nowz!

Well I haz to admit I didz get a bit frightened nowz as me bed did definitly notz want to leeve me.I didz fink it woz time to do sum squeekinz so I didz squeekz to let me mommy knowz I’z in trubble. Me silly mommy didz fink I’z woz squeekin for me dinnerz agen so I had to do different squeekinz wiv a bit longer eeeek! in it. Also Ele didz join in to let mommy knowz I woz in trubble.

Fortunatley me mommy didz come to seez what woz the matter and when she seez me bed wudnt let me goez she didz laff and help me’z to get awayz!

Later me mommy didz sayz me coller tag wiv me name on itz did get stuck in me bed blankit and that didz make me bed followz me! she didz says poor Paddy and she didz take me and Ele to see the treet fairy! mommy didz tell me daddy about me hadveture when he didz come home from doin workins. She didz say that me coller ring woz norty and made me bed followz me round and didz whay me down.

Me'z on me bed!
Me’z on me bed!

I then went back to doin me snoozins after me treet but I did sayz to me bed pleeze dont folow me’z agen as you iz too hevvy on me nek. Pheeew

Byez for now Paddy and Ele xx


3 thoughts on “And Me Bed Came Too!

  1. Oh Paddy, there’s never a dull moment with you is there! Pleased to read that Ele and your Mom were able to sort out the naughty blanket and no harm done. We hope you had extra treats from the fairy!! Big licks, Rosie & Brae xx

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