Me Mornin Eatinz & The Treet Fairy

As you’z probably aware I duz luvs doin me eatins and the bestest eatinz iz me brekfast (Or maybe me dinner!). Thiz iz very hinportant az i’z not dun any eatins all nite and me poor tummy duz be empties! Me mommy duz sayz that me tummy duz neva be fulls even though I duz loadz of eatins! First though me daddy duz says that me bottom duz needs to be emptied to make roomz for me brekfast so we duz walkies first.

When we getz back I duz do’z sum more snoozins while i’z waitin for me brekfast to come! sumtimes the service duz be a bit slowz here so I haz to do sum squeekinz so that they don’t forget i’z not been fed yet. Finally me brekfast duz come after i’z waited ages…well seemz like ages but iz probably only ten minits! thatz like foreva to a hungry houndie. I duz me usual jumpin in hexcitement while Ele duz do spinin round.

2015-08-08 08.45.54
Me waitin for the treet fairy to come agen!

Nom nom nom! I duz do me eatinz supa quick and then I duz runnin in the garden to hav a wee! When we duz come back in the treet fairy has bin and put a bisgit in me bowl! I duz luv the treet fairy as she duz leeve me lotz of yummy fings. I then duz do more runnin into the garden so that the treet fairy might come agen! Hunfortunately me mommy duz sayz the treet fairy haz gone away till tea time!! I duz fink that tea time iz agez away yet! I fink I will hav to do puttin on me sad face so thatz I might getz more bisgits.

I gess itz time for me snoozinz now dreamin of wabbitz and squirrils and the treet fairy. I’z dreamin of givin the treet fairy me bestest noze snuffles and askin her to vizit more oftenz, I’z sure she will.

TTFN Padster and Ele xx

2015-08-08 08.45.27
Still waitin for the treet fairly to come agen!

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