We Sees a Magic Squirril

Every mornin before me daddy goes away to do workins he duz takes me and Ele out for our mornin walkies. We duz luvs our walkies round to the woods cos we likes to do lots of sniffins along the way. We duz luvs to read the wee mails left by other doggies. Sumtimes we duz sniff a wee mail from our bestest frends Ed and Alice who duz lives free houzes hup the road from us. Its funny when we duz meet them on our walkies coz Ed duz do barkins hello to us and Ele duz do lots of squeekins and getz hexcited so its a bit noizy!

Hanyways thiz mornins was a bit different cos when we’s get round to the woods Ele did do’s squeekins and getz very hexcited! I duzn’t knows why at first coz I couldn’t sees our frends Ed and Alice so’s I woz a bit confused. Then I sees a fluffy squirril runnin on the grass under a tree. We dids getz hexcited and coz daddy woz half asleeps he duzn’t be reddy for our pullin to try to catch the squirril. When we woz gettin close we didz get supa hexcited and we dids both try to run to catch the norty squirril who woz wavin his fluffy tail at us! It woz too much and we didz do hextra pullin coz we woz on our leeds. Daddy wozn’t too pleezed coz he didz neerly fall overs coz we woz strong boyz and girlz and he woz half asleeps. The norty squirril dids do runnin to the tree and we didz follow very hexcitedly! Then a strange fing happened,the norty squirril did dissapeer! where did he goez! I did go round the other side of the tree to try to find him but he’s woz gone! I woz confused and kept finkin that he must be’s a magic squirril that can vanish into fin air.

We did’z do walkin back home havin our mornin wee’s and poo’s along the way still wonderin where the norty squirril didz go. When I woz back home I did’z askin Ele if she did’z know but she duzn’t knowz and we just didz do more snoozins and dreemin of norty disapeerin squirrils while we woz waitin for our brekfasts.

I’z a funny houndie…..byes…Paddy xx


2 thoughts on “We Sees a Magic Squirril

  1. Oh Paddy you remind me of our Shane so much. When he saw a squirrel in the park once he literally scrambled up the trunk of the tree after it – with me clinging on to the other end of his lead!! I didn’t know dogs could climb trees until that moment!!! Squirrels are pesky things aren’t they – teasing you like that. Just give your daddy a bit of warning next time if you are both going to go squirrel hunting though, you wouldnt want to pull him over. Big hugs to you. xxx

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