Paddy Raises The Alarm

This mornin we did hav our usual early walk with daddy before he goez to do workins. We duz luvs our walkies and we duz luv to do lot of wees and read the daily weemails on our way round.

After daddy haz gone to do workins we duz wait for mommy to getz up and do our brekfast. Normally I duz lye and do snoozins until I duz hear mommy doin me foodies then I duz get a bit hexcited. Todayz woz different as I didz notice that me sisfur Ele duzn’t want to do snoozins wiv me but she duz not settle and duz keep pacin hup and down. I duz begin to getz a bit wurried.I didz do nose snuffles wiv Ele to ask if she woz okayz. I didz then realize that me poor luvly sisfur Ele woz not well and didz need to goez into the garden.

I didz then fink that I needz to let me mommy knowz about thiz so didz do squeekinz….me mommy duzn’t come so then I didz hav to do barkins so that me mommy didz know that we woz needin helpinz…I woz wurried. Soon me mommy didz come to seez what I woz barkin for as she didz fink at first I woz barkin for me brekfast. Very soon me mommy didz seez that Ele woz not well and didz hav the angry houndz in her tummy. Mommy didz let Ele outside just in time and she didz do hexplodin poos outside!!

When Mommy didz finish lookin after Ele she didz giv me a big hugz and kisses for raisin the alarm and lettin mommy knowz that sumfin woz wrong. She didz sayz I woz a big cleva boy and she woz very prowd of me. I woz only lookin after me sisfur like she duz for me as we luvs each other lotz.

I’z pleezed to sayz that Ele iz now fine and back to normal. I woz happy Ele woz okayz nowz

Paddy and Ele xx


3 thoughts on “Paddy Raises The Alarm

  1. Paddy, I always knew you were a very clever houndie and this just proves it. What a good, clever boy you were to let your mummy know that Ele was not feeling well. I am glad she is OK now and hope you have had an extra treat for being so clever. Love and hugs. Xx

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