Its Eva So Hot Todayz

Todayz iz goin to be the hottest dayz of the year me daddy did sayz to Ele and me thiz mornin. I duz like nice weather for doin me snoozin in the garden but we haz to be careful when the sun duz getz very hot! Me daddy did sayz it woz now ferty degreez and more,thats very hot I finks,especially as I iz a big black houndy and bein black and shiny duz make me feel very hot! Ele iz mostly white but she iszt any cooler than me.

Me daddy didz put sun creem on me special ear in case it duz get burny by the hot sunz.Thiz did makes me fink that creem duz taste nice like whenz I duz do me creem pot cleanin job. I did do sniffin the creem but itz not the same as the other creem. Thiz creem did taste yuk so I did finks it woz best not to clean this pot.

Sumtimes when I iz too hot it makes me feel sick and I duz lots of pantin to tryz to keep cool! Me mommy and daddy did sayz that I iznt to goez out in the car until its cooled down either! Fortunately me daddy’z car has got air conditionin fing which duz make me nice and cool if I haz to go out but me mommy and daddy duz neva leave Ele and me in the car…not even for a minute az its dangerus on hot dayz.

The bestest fing is to stay inside me finks as its cooler on me bed than in the garden. I hope all me mates are takin care not to getz too hot todayz. Bestest to tell your humanz to take care of the houndies as if theyz like me daddy he’z a bit silly sumtimes and forgetz fings.

Can we hav an ice cream pleeze we’z sayin! Oh I duz like to be’z beside the see sidez…he he

Byez for nowz…..Paddy xx

2015-06-03 17.59.26


3 thoughts on “Its Eva So Hot Todayz

  1. We know just how you & Ele are feeling Paddykins, as we’re struggling with this heat also. Mom has all the windows and doors open to try and get a breeze through, along with the fan spinning ten to the dozen, which is helping a little but it’s still not comfy for us. We’ve been having our walks at 6.45am and after 8pm this week, which has helped a little. The bestest bit about the heat is that we get extra helpings of our favourite ice-cream & yoghurt and we’re now taking it easy again on our beds. We can’t wait for it to start cooling down. Big licks, Rosie & Brae xx

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    1. It has been an absolute scorcher hasn’t it? Some good advice there matey, I hope you & Ele are ok now it’s got a bit cooler and hope you didn’t have the huge thunder storm like we did on Friday, gosh it was loud! Xx

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