6 Munths in me Forever Home!

Well we have had our wonderful Paddy – laid back with a bit of naughtiness for 6 months now and he’s fitted into our lives so well.How fast the time goes.It only seems like yesterday since we brought him home from Daybreaks on Sunday 7th of December 2014. Ele loved him to bits straight away and looked after him while he settled into home life.

We just love him so much! Love the way he coutersurfs for food when he thinks we’re not looking and pinching things out of our shopping bags to take to his bed..to the cheeky way he barks when he wants something from the treat cupboard.

Love the nose snuffle kisses and the little nose nips he gives us (if we don’t move quick enough!)when he’s playing.He loves company,his sisfur Ele,no problems with other dogs and he adores his food.

A special mention to Norman who always said that Paddy would make a great pet…well he’s proved you right and also of course to Daybreaks for this gorgeous boy. Paddy we are so very proud of you! Love Mommy Daddy and sisfur Ele xxxx


One thought on “6 Munths in me Forever Home!

  1. Wow Paddy, 6 months already – where did the time go? So happy that you settled into your new home so well, with a little help from your lovely sisfur, I just hope you aren’t leading her astray!!! I love to read about all your hadventures, and hope to see you again soon. xx

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