Ele Gotcha Day 1st June

Profile photo of Hillcross Eileen (soon to be renamed Ele)

6 years ago today a thin stressed and rather frightened blue and white greyhound came to stay with us. We decided to foster this poor girl to try to fatten her up a bit and to get her to accept this post racing world she had found herself in!

It wasn’t easy at first as she seemed determined to not have anything to do with our first grey Don. Also early training was a bit of an issue.She was rather jumpy and when given instruction she would jump backward. We slowly worked away and gradually she began to settle down and accept her surroundings. Change was something she didn’t take to very easily. We worked with her and then it came to the time to consider the future,do we take her back or what? Well we thought that we had got her weight up to near normal and she had finally accepted she had to share with Don and although they were not close friends they got on well enough. We had done all the hard work so why would we then give her up! We looked at her golden eyes which said it all,can I stay please.We became failed foster parents on 1st of June 2009. She was renamed Ele and became part of the family. Many adventures followed,an early visit to Cheddar gorge gave us a fright. At the top of the gorge she got too close to the road and when corrected she jumped back straight out of her collar and ran off down the gorge.Fortunately a man with a dog caught her and a harness was purchased asap after that.

With Mommy!
With Mommy!

Sadly Don crossed over to rainbow bridge in August 2014 and although Ele reluctantly accepted she was on her own probably for the first time in her life she occasionally seemed lost. We decided to take her on lots of walks and soon the free space in our car was filled with kennel dogs from Daybreaks. In October 2014 she was introduced to Paddy and it was love at first sight! Ele had always been fussy about who she would get along with but we were amazed how she took to Paddy. It was clear she had chosen him to be her new companion and he was adopted in December 2014.

First prize for Prettiest Eyes April 2010
First prize for Prettiest Eyes April 2010

The past 6 years have seen many ups and downs but we are so glad we kept you as you became such a lovely loving girl and best friend to Paddy and grandson Jake

Love to you from your family

With Paddy in the garden

Alan,Pam and Paddy xxxx


2 thoughts on “Ele Gotcha Day 1st June

  1. Hi Ele, our Mom has just read your ‘gotcha story’ to us and we think your whole family is fab. We love the photo of you with your Mom. Big licks to you and Paddykins… Rosie & Brae xx

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