Our Makeover Treet

Today we haz been to Daybreaks for a wellcare packidge treet. Thiz woz coz we has a special week coming hup and me mommy and daddy sayz that we needs a baff! Charmin I sez…duz we smell then……finks not!

Me Bein Washed in The Baff

We getz to Daybreaks and the luvly Lorna iz waitin for us. I didz get to go in the baff first,I likes the baff,it reminded me of whenz I first came to Daybreaks when i’d retired from bein a supa fast afleet.The luvly warm water did wash me and did makes me supa cleen. After me baff I dids have me ears cleened,thiz woz so I can hears me mommy bringin me dinner and important fings like whenz the treet cupboard openz. Me daddy didz says I go’z deff at times,likes when he duz takes me leed off so I needz me ears cleanin out..cheek!

Next I did’z hav me teefs cleened. I duzn’t like thiz bit much but it’z hinportant to keeps me teefs cleened as they’z wot I needs to do me eatins wiv.I luvs me eatins so i’z decided to be brave and soonz I had cleen teefs too.I did’z hav me clawz trimed a bit’z and then I had me blow dry treetment and I woz dun!

I likes the warm worter!
I likes the warm worter!

It’z woz Ele’s turn next.I did give her a noze snuffle to letz her know it woz nice in the baff and not to be scardy of it.Ele woz ok’z and didz like the worter and she did’z come out’z supa white and bright.Ele did’z hav a blow dry but’z she woz a bit scardy of the dryer noize fing and her leg did do shakin a bitz.

Ele'z turn in the baff
Ele’z turn in the baff

After our blow dryz we did getz brushed down and we’z did getz a luvly spray down wiv some nice smelly stuff…I did’z feel special and cleen whenz we did comes out, me mommy and daddy did’z sayz fank you’z to Lorna for makin me and Ele so nice and cleen and they did’z says how happy they woz so I fort I had betta tell all me frends about it! Maybe’z there humanz will take themz for a baff tooz

Bye’z for now…supa cleen Paddykins and Ele xx


One thought on “Our Makeover Treet

  1. Paddy, I bet you & Ele look and smell beautiful after your pamper at Daybreaks. The dryer can be a bit noisy if you’re not used to it, no wonder Ele got a bit scared. You’ll have to keep out of mischief now and keep clean for your special week. xxxx

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