Holiday Times Agen

Ele and me did go’z to our holiday home agen thiz last week and we did hav fun. When we did getz there in our car I was hexcited this time as I had bin there before and I did knowz that we did getz to do lots of eatins and walkins and snoozins. I especially likes the eatins bit,thems be me favorit.

On the second day I did do walkies and I didz see a big white birdie. The birdie did make lots of noise and it didn’t seem to be very friendly! Ele did be a bit scardy of it so I did be careful too! Me daddy did then says it woz a seegul and thems not nice.The seegul thens did fly away so we woz ok. Me mommy dids tell me that the seeguls likes to steel foodies from people whenz they isn’t lookin. I did finks that this woz very norty so I did hopes we wouldn’t sees any more seeguls. If I did I decided it wud be ok’z to do woofs at them and grrr so theyz wudn’t steel our foodies.

2015-05-20 16.00.15
Me doin snoozins

Later on I did hear me daddy says that the weather wud be wet and windy and that we wud need our coatz on for our evening walkies. We dids manage to do our walkies just in time as the rain did start as we did gets back. It did rain all nite and the wind did blow and shake our home a lot. Fortunately I did hav me sisfur Ele wiv me and we did snuggle up in our cozy beds.We woz brave houndies and we just did sleepies and dreamies all nite and wozn’t scared at all. In the mornin the rain had gone when we did go for our mornin wee wees! Then
we did sees a wabbit on the grass. We did getz hexcited and Ele did do squeekinz. I didz get hexcited too and I dids want to do chasin the wabbit like when I woz an athleet. It woz a shame coz I only wonted to sayz hello by givin the wabbit a hugz…..wiv me teefs!

Here we iz waitin wiv daddy for our lunchies
Ele did luv lyin on the grass

The bestest fing of all woz when we did go’z out to Chedda. Me mommy and daddy didz says that this woz where the cheeze woz made. I luvs cheeze,its me favorit. Ele and me did luvs it at Chedda coz the people there didz luv dogs.When we went past a shop I didz see a water bowl for me to hav a drink and daddy didz say the sign on the door didz say “dogs welcome” I didz fink thiz woz nice. Daddy didz go in to a cheeze shop and he didz getz me and Ele sum cheeze to try. We didz fink it woz supa yummies and we didz eatz it supa qwik. Visitin Chedda woz hard work,sayin hello to all the doggies and people.Soon we did come to cafe place.Thiz is where humans duz do eatins and we did do’s snoozins in the sun on the grass while me mommy didz go to order our lunchies. Soon a nice man did come bringin foodies and bestest of all he did brings me and Ele a sosidge. It woz supa yummy too

Well as you can sees we’z did hav anuva supa holiday at the seeside. I didz lots of eatins and walkinz and snoozins…I’z dreamin of me next hadventure…byez for nowz.IMG-20150524-WA0000

Paddykins and Ele xx


2 thoughts on “Holiday Times Agen

  1. What a super time you had Paddy. I dont blame you not liking the seeguls – one of them stole some of my chips once, I was not happy at all as I love chips! And what a lucky boy you were to get some cheese – you and Ele do have some lovely adventures together. Enjoy your snoozins and eatins – until next time, cuddles for you both. xx


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