Garden Fun!

The other dayz our little frend Jake did comes to play wiv Nanny and me’z and Ele in our garden. We duz luv Jake and we woz happy to sees him. I once herd that human puppies are a good sorce of eatins coz they izn’t as careful as me mommy and daddy and they duz leeve foodies around for me’z to eats hup. Me mommy duz do tellin me’z to be good boy and not to takes the foodies! Well i’z alwayz a good boy and I duzn’t hav to be norty coz Jake duz luvs me and Ele  lots and he did gives me and Ele sum of his yummies. We woz very gentle and takes them careful. We did gives kisses afterwardz too!


Here I iz watchin Jake in his tent fing doin eatins and waitin for me share!

After we dids eatins wiv Jake we did lyes down in the spring sunshine and hads a long snoozins till dinner time. We luvs snoozins. More fussings pleeze says Ele xx

IMG-20150421-WA0003 IMG-20150421-WA0002


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