My First Holiday In Summaset

Ele and me’z are very lucky houndies as our mommy and daddy duz havs a holiday home. Last weeks we woz very hexcited as we were going on holidays. I luvs holidays coz we getz to do lots of hextra eatins and thems me favourit. Buts then I woz finkin I duzn’t know what a holiday is as i’z never had one before. Anywayz Ele dids tell me’z that we goes in the car for a long time and wen it stops we iz at ours holiday homes were we duz lots of snoozins an eatins. This did sounds great.

I woz watchin carefully’z as me daddy did put a big box fing on the roofs of the car, thiz woz very big and I woz hoping it woz to carry all me treets and stuff for me eatins. I did sees new beds goin in for Ele and me’z to do snoozings on when we getz there too. When me mommy and daddy had filled the car up and the big box fing too Ele and me’z did get hexcited and we woz jumpin up and down! We did then jump into the car and we’z woz off to the seasides yay!

When we did getz to the seasides we did jumps out of the car and I woz so hexcited to sees me holiday home and I woz also a bit scardy too as thiz woz a new place thats i’z never been to before. Having a lovely sisfur likes me Ele duz help a lot,she dids say to me to not be scardy as thiz woz a nice place where we has luvly beds to do lots of snoozins and we will do’z lots of eatins too! Well I woz a bit unsure at first but in no time at all I woz happily hinvestigatin everyfing. I woz very hexcited to sees that the table where me mommy and daddy duz eatins woz lower than at home. Thiz did make it much easier for me to grabs the foodies when me mommy wozunt lookin…he he! I’z had a great times pinchin yummies.IMG_20150406_142031146_HDR

Well I did henjoy meself lots,we went out to a garden centa and mommy and daddy did havs a cream tee. I did luvs creem lots and Ele and me’s did get to me job of cleanin the creem pot. It woz supa yummy and we made sure nuffin woz left. I did likes lookin round the garden centa and I even helps out by waterin the plants!! I also made frends wiv lots of other doggies hincludin a little spanial called Toby. He did havs a waggy tail and we dids play a bit too. I duz like meetin all doggies and tellin them I’z Paddy and I’z on me holidayz!

IMG_20150406_142037742Well I did hav a wonderful time on me first holidays in Summaset and we did do lots of eatins too. The bestest fing of all woz when we did do evening walkies to sees the sun fall into the sea. I had neva seen the seas before and Ele did tells me that it woz cold on your paws. I wozunt keen on goin in the seas and I did stays close to me daddy as I had a looks at the sea which woz tryin to chase after me butz I woz too quik at runnin awayz so the seas couldunt get me’z. We did havs a luvly walk on the beech and I dids luv the sand in me tows again. I woz finkin of hows lucky I woz to hav me family who I luvs very much as the sun did do fallin into the seas. Then we’z did walk back home for treet and snoozins.IMG_20150406_200100402_HDR

Byes for now…Paddy xxIMG-20150407-WA0001


4 thoughts on “My First Holiday In Summaset

  1. It does be lookin likes youz be hafing a super time Paddy. Is youz holiday home a caraban? we does hafs a holiday home caraban in derbyshire and i does be liking to goes there. there does be loadz of nice walkies and loadz of rabits! I hafs never seed the seas though – they does sound a bit scary. lubs from Milly. xx

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  2. Me holiday home iz a caraban in Summaset. Ele dids tells me that there iz wabbits sumtimes buts I duznt see eny on this holidays,maybez next times. We iz happy you likes our stories. Hopes to see you soon luvs Paddy & Ele xx


  3. Ooo Paddy what a lucky boy you are. It sounds like you had a fabulous time on your very first holiday, and did see some amazing things like the sea, the beach and the falling sun. Your Mum & Dad are so lovely to take you and Ele on such brilliant hadventures. xx


  4. Your very first holiday Paddykins sounds sooooo fabulous and nothing less than you and lovely Ele deserve. Big licks, Rosie Po & Brae xx


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