Me Akrobaticks

When i’z had me dinner I always tries to go upstairs to the lounge wiv mommy and daddy. Our house iz a bit funnies you see coz our lounge iz upstairs! Hanywayz az I woz sayin,I alwayz tries to follow me mommy upstairs. Well todays I woz tryin to follow me daddy upstairs but the gate woz shut. I duznt likes the gate coz it stops me goin upstairs when I wonts too!

Well todayz I came to the gate and I decided to jumps up.I’z good at jumpin,especially when me dinner comes! But when I did jumps up thiz time I suddenly found meself balanced on top of the gate!! Thiz woz a bit scary at first and me mommy did screem out to me daddy to comes and help meself az I woz a bit stucks! Luckly I managed to get me front paws onto the stairs and I somehows got over the gate wivouts gettin hurty! I thens runs upsatirs to me lounge bed. I duzn’t see what all the fuss woz about really but I did sees me mommy and daddy had gone a bit pale and shaky! Me daddy sed I nearly gives him a hart attack and Ele just looked at me and sed that I’z bin norty!

I’z now noticed that me daddy has fitted a bigger gate,(that nots fare) but I’z secretly enjoyed me akrobaticks but me mommy didn’t and she did says that I’z lucky not to hav bin hurty! I finks from now on’s I will wait until the gate gets opened and I can go’z to me big beddy upstairs and be wiv me mommy and daddy,thats wot I likes bestest and to be wiv me sisfur Ele all snugs.

Byes for nows….Padster xx


2 thoughts on “Me Akrobaticks

  1. Oh Paddypaws – you must be careful mate. Akrobatics requires special training and practice, you cant just start jumping over gates!!! Just imagine the scare you gave your poor Mum & Dad. Glad there was no harm done though, big cuddles to you and your lovely sisfur.x


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