Greyhounds and Me


Oh where would I be without Greyhounds with me?

All alone, adrift as a rudderless ship I’d be

We are like Laurel with Hardy and Abbott and Costello

Life would be dull without my four legged fellow

No welcome hound when I walk through the door

Just a bare empty corner, no bed on the floor

Be it the rugged big lad who chases his ball

To the petite little girl with grace, I’d miss them all

Yes life would be boring dull and a chore

Without my loving greyhounds there to adore

So I bless the day I went to Daybreaks RGT

For they brightened my life bringing Greyhounds to me

With loving eyes and a cheeky grin all round

There is no greater love in the world to be found

Life without Greyhounds I just can’t comprehend

It’s just no fun without my four legged friend 2015-03-19 22.23.15


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