Spring at Last

Today we did enjoys sum spring weather. Me mommy dids decide to go out into the garden. This dids surprize me a bit as so far the garden area as only bin for me and Ele to do our wees and poos and for me to do’s lots of spinning and runnings around and bein bizy turnin the grass intoos our own muddy track!

Anywayz me mommy did do sittin down on a seat on the dekins in the sunshine wiv a cups of tea. I haz to go and hinvestigate coz i’z a hinvestigatins type of hound. Me daddy dids says i’z nosey…cheek! First i’z checkin that there may be’z sum eatins to be done, I luvs eatins,thems me favourit. Sadly there wozn’t anyfin to be eatin but then me mommy did bring our big soft beds out so that we could do lyins down in the sun on the dekins. Ele and me did fink thiz was supa good and ins no time at all we woz snoozins in the warm spring sunshine.


We dids henjoys our little selves snoozings and dreamins of summer eatins and holidayz eatins and eatins of every kind, it woz supa. When we wakes hup and goes insides it woz time for din dins..me dream woz comming trues and I dids do spinnin and woofin…yay! But the bestest fing of all woz me daddy did do’s wisperin in me ear and tellin me’z that I’d bin livin in me foreva home for 3 months now and thats they luvs me very much…I’z a happy,lucky boyz to hav me mommy and daddy and me sisfur Ele.

I’z sellebrated wiv a long snooze

Byes for nows….Paddykins xx


3 thoughts on “Spring at Last

  1. Wowza Paddy, 3 months in your lovely home, that’s gone soooooo quick. We’ve just had our brekkie and are now trying to have a few zzzzzz’s, but Mom’s managed to read yours & Ele’s latest update to us before we drift off into the land of nod. We had a really long walk around the country lanes with Mom & Dad yesterday morning, then another short one with Dad in the afternoon (as it was a shame not to make the most of the warm sunshine) and our last quick jog around the block was at 8pm but we had to wear our warm coats as it was a bit parky by then. Sending you big hugs and licks and looking forward to your next update. Rosie Po & Brae xx

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  2. Well Paddy, it sounds like you had a lovely time in the sunshine, and you got to do some eatins too! 3 months in your forever home – wow how the time has flown by. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures with Ele and Mom & Dad. x

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    1. Gosh Paddy, those 3 months have gone fast. I am so happy you are having a great time in your new home. May you have many many more days of eatinz, snoozins and sunshine! Milly sends nose licks to you and Ele. Xx

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