Eatins…Nom noms!

I duz luvs me eatins very much but me mommy says she duzn’t luvs the bouncin I duz when I hears me dinners comin. I duz bounce very highs and Ele duz be sensible and getz out of me ways. I am tryin to contain meself but coz I luvs me eatins so much its hard! Me mommy duz says I’z like a kangaroos! The other day I did haxidently tred on Ele’s paw and she did do the greyhound screem of def. I did says sorry later though and I gives her a kiss.

Todays dinner we did have a tin of butchers tripe wiv me burns, it was supa yummies and I did burp to show me haproovals to me mommy and daddy. Then I dids hav a good idea! Me mates who’s in Daybreaks hotel hav to havs their basket heads on. Well when me mommy and daddy wozunt lookin I did put me head into’s the recycle bin and I did find the butchers tripe tin and it did smell luvlies so I did puts me noze into it and run off wiv it to me bed. Problems woz me mommy did tells me off as I might get hurty by the tin but I woz ok’s and I did says that it woz me new muzzle! I’m sure me mates would agree its better than the plastic ones and smells luvly!

After I duz me bestest eatins wiv Ele we duz needs to do sleepins and snoozings. Before we duz snoozins we duz need to hav wees so we goes out into the garden. I luvs to hav a run round on the grass…well mostly mud nows as I’z dun so much spinnin and runnin. I don’t likes the skiddin I duz when I comes in at top speed onto the tiles and me mommy duznt luvs the pawtographs I leaves!

Well I’z goin for me snoozins now, wivs luck Ele will hav warmed me bed up for me after she’s gone round n round 8 times before lyin down! she iz sillies sum times!

Byes for now2015-03-05 17.35.32

Paddykins and Ele xxx

PS sees me and Ele at Crufts on Sunday 8th March Hall 2 stand 44


One thought on “Eatins…Nom noms!

  1. Hi Paddy, thank you for making us giggle this evening… we’re very tired after a busy couple of days, but before we start zzzzz’ing in the land of nod, Mom’s just read your latest shenanigans to us. You two are so very very lucky to have such a wonderful home, life & Mom & Dad; you were all meant to be together. Looking forward to hearing what you get up to next. Big licks, Rosie Po & Brae xx


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