Can I be your new Friend

 2015-02-09 15.48.08

Can I Be Your Friend? (A message from me mates at Daybreaks waitin for their forever homes!)

I’m a racing Greyhound and it’s my time to retire

That last race felt like I was stuck in a mire


Not any longer am I worth a bet

But with many years left I could be someone’s pet


So I’m off to see Ruth at Daybreaks Perry Barr RGT

The volunteers all work very hard to find a new home for me


I don’t ask much just someone loving and kind

A warm bed and dinner I hope I will find


In no time I’ll settle and then you will see

You’ll find loving companionship walking with me


The odd pigs ear, short walk and a play

Then I’ll be resting for most of the day


So please can I be your new best friend

I will be true and faithful forever, The End!

 2015-02-09 14.51.52


4 thoughts on “Can I be your new Friend

  1. Hi Paddy & Ele, that really is a fantastic poem. Mom’s just read it to us as we nap on our beds (ears up though as Dad’s in the kitchen doing something that might entail food!!!) Love the photo of you both holding paws. Big licks, Rosie Po & Brae xx

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  2. Hi Rosie Po & Brae. We is glad you likes our powem,we hopes it will help to shows what supa pets we Greyhounds makes when we finds our foreva homes.We hopes you managed to get somthin nice from your daddy.We is off to Sutton walkies tomorrows if its not raining! Byes for now Paddy & Ele xx


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