Our Busy Week! Pancake Day

Pancake Day by Paddykins!

Thiz week has been very busy for me and Ele. On Tuesdays we woz havin pancakes! I luvs pancakes, theyz me favourit. Daddy he did cook thems and when he woz throwin them up in the air I woz standin underneef so that if he drops the pancake it woulds hav fell in me mouth. Mommy sed if it falls on the floor it would hav to go in the bins!! I finks that thiz would be a waste of foodies so i’s helpin to make sure nuffin gets wasted. I duz takes me eatins very seriously and I is a henviromentally frendly hound as I make sure nuffin is left. Daddy woz very good at cookin hunfortunately and didunt drops any more me to eats. When daddy woz finished with the cookin he and mommy did eatin the pancakes. We did hav some too and theyz woz yummy!

After all this eatins we needed a snooze so we woz then sleepins for a while. I then keeps me one ear up listening in case there iz any more foodies about. Me mommy and daddy finks that they can do’z eatins when i’z asleep and I won’t knowz’s about it. Fortunatleys me radar ear can detect eatins harf a mile away so i’z always there in 2 secondz to help.Me sisfur Ele she’s will make squeekin noizes to make sures I iz awake to get our share,we iz a good team.

Time for Zzzz nows with Ele on our beds!

Byes for now Paddy xx2015-01-15 22.14.21 2015-01-15 22.14.31


One thought on “Our Busy Week! Pancake Day

  1. Oh Paddy… at last, you have your own blog. We always knew you were a clever hound from the updates Mom & Dad read to us off the Daybreaks site. Your shenanigans with Ele make us all giggle and give us ideas too! Look forward to reading more from “Paddy Newshound” soon. Big hugs from your Daybreaks buddies, Rosie Po & Brae xx


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